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Learning more about my web hosting service

I've been working on learning more about my web hosting services that I get from GoDaddy and what I can do with them. I've just learned that I can SSH into my paid hosting servers which opens up some possibilities that I had thought close before. One of the things I would like to do is install Bugzilla  on at least one of my sites. Bugzilla is a free software bug tracking tool that I have used and installed multiple times over the years, both at work as well as on my own sites.

I used to host my web sites from my own computers at home using Linux and Apache. Doing that is actually pretty easy since most of the software needed comes with Linux already. I even set up my own email server for one of the domains I had at that time on one of the Linux computers. But then I moved to a new apartment in a different town and I didn't bother setting it back up again in the new place. I still have the computers, they're stored away in a closet, I haven't looked at them for years.

Nowadays I use a hosting service (GoDaddy) for my web sites. The cost is low enough that it's not worth while using my own servers at home. But it does cause a need for me to learn the ins and outs of the hosting services and how to make the most of them. When I had my own servers it was all to easy, just log in as root and do whatever I wanted but now I have to work within the limitations of what the hosting plan allows. I'm making progress with that but I have a way to go yet.

I just set up my author page on Amazon

I just finished setting up my author page on Amazon, where I am selling two of my books for their Kindle ebook reader. If you don't have a Kindle you can still read my Kindle books, just download their free Kindle reader for the PC. They also have a Kind reader for several other computing platforms, including Mac, iPhone, and Blackberry.

I also use as another of my outlets for my ebooks and they have several different download formats if you don't want to deal with Amazon. I actually have been using them even longer than I have been on Amazon.


Two books completed...

I now have two books that I have published as ebooks. Currently I am publishing using, Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords. You can check them out at the following urls:

The Last of His Kind for Amazon Kindle

Worlds of Probability for Amazon Kindle.

The Last of His Kind at Smashwords.

Worlds of Probability at Smashwords

Please help me spread the word about my books and if you like them please don't hesitate to buy them in the firmat that works for you. also, please feel free to write a review at one of the sites above.


Christmas Time is Here

It's been a while since I last wrote something here, I've been pretty busy working on my current contract as well as taking some college classes. I'm not sure when my current contract will end but I am trying to make the most of it. As a result there hasn't been too much creative energy left over for other things.

With the holidays here I find myself often thinking about memories of Christmas past. Somehow it seems like it was more exciting when I was a kid, now that I am older it seems more a memory than something current. Perhaps that is why I find myself thinking so much about memories of Christmas past.

I went to the book store again today and that is another thing I am finding harder and harder to get excited about. It seems the slow decay of the book stores is continuing, something that is subtle but you can see it if you know how to look for it. It seems every time I go there are fewer books offered for sale, the store displays are rearranged in a way that seems designed to hide this from view. The aisles between the rows of shelves are getting wider, and the shelves themselves are getting fewer.

Data storage development progress

A few days ago I bought a new I Terabyte USB hard drive for my computer, to replace the one I had been using before which was only 160 Gigabyte. This increase in storage capacity recently started me thinking about where this will lead in the future and what applications will become possible. If the current trend continues some incredible things will become possible and if those become commonplace it will necessitate significant changes in society.

One of the applications that will soon be possible is Life Logging. I’ve read about this recently in a science fiction novel by Charles Stross and that is where I got the term Life Logging. In life logging you have a camera and microphone with you that records every moment of your life. While this might seem outlandish the technology to accomplish this already exists today, though you would have to download your records to a larger storage on a daily basis. But as flash storage continues to improve, increase in size and decrease in cost, Life Logging will become ever more practical.

In addition to data storage, microphones and video cameras are getting smaller and cheaper all the time, yet with an improvement in the quality of their output. Much of this improvement has been driven by the component needs of cellular telephones. The availability of these components as well as the ever growing amount of storage makes Life Logging more possible all the time. Perhaps this is even a capability that might be added to cell phones.

When this capability arrives the changes that will come for both individuals will be profound. Consider what life would be like if you could remember every moment of your day, recall with perfect clarity anything and everything that happened to you, every word you and others around you say. Think about how this would change your life and how different it would become.

For society there are also profound implications. With a perfect record of someone’s activities what would be the effect upon the criminal justice system? With life logging proof of guilt and innocence would become simply a matter of reviewing the record. And of course there is also the question of how privacy would be impacted. How much control would a person have over his own life log? I suspect the technical capability will arrive long before the rules of law and society address the resulting issues. In the end I think many things will be forced to change.

Once we start recording information of this magnitude we will also need tools for searching and displaying it. Except for certain situations I doubt that many people would want to spent hours viewing a life log just to find the portion they are interested in. So new tools will need to be developed allowing you to search through a life log and find the portion you are interested in.

Another trend which will segue in with the growth in storage capacity is the connectivity of the individual to the Internet. This is something that you can already see starting with the rapidly increasing popularity of smart cell phones. These phones now have significant processing power in addition to access to the Internet.


Working on my blog and web site

I am continuing to work on my personal web site and I reactivated my personal web domain that I used about five years ago, and put everything onto a commercial web hosting service. I'm a bit blown away by the amount of disk space and other resources available even for the free with domain hosting service. It will time me quite a while to write enough to fill even a small part of it but I will try my best to do it..

I've been on the Internet since the early 90's and a lot of change has come along the way. I still remember seeing a demonstration of the first web browser Mosaic back during that time. A lot of change and advancement has happened since that time and now I have several different web browsers installed on each of my computers. 

Welcome to my new blog!

I have just started my new blog and this is the first entry I am writing. This blog is where I will be writing about some of the daily happenings in my life as well as some of the many different things that interest me. 


Welcome to my blog. Please check back soon for new entries.


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